Uniform and Grooming Code


The wearing of the uniform increases self-esteem and facilitates a sense of pride and community within the school. A Domremy student is aware that when wearing the College uniform, she is a representative of the whole College community. It is expected therefore that the uniform will always be worn so that its design can be appreciated by the wearer and by the wider community. A student must always be in full correct uniform to and from school and on excursions unless otherwise instructed. Domremy uniforms are only available through the Uniform Shop.

The college dress or skirt must be worn and must be below the knee in length. 

The college Navy Slacks are also optional for winter. 

The College Shirt should be worn with button fastened except for the top button. No coloured undergarments are to be worn beneath the shirt.

A Blazer is a compulsory item of the Domremy Uniform. When necessitated by the weather, the blazer is to be worn with either the summer or winter uniform. It must be worn in Terms 2 and 3 to and from school and when requested such as to excursions and official school functions including school assemblies. When students are out of the college, the College jumper is never to be worn without the blazer - this includes both the summer and winter uniforms.

White ankle College socks are worn will all uniform s in summer. These should be folded down once. Regulation Navy Stockings (70 Denier) are worn with all uniforms in winter. Students with an allergy to stockings need to provide a medical certificate to the Assistant principal. School shoes must be traditional black lace-up and polishable, without bulk top soles and laces around the side of the shoe.


School backpack with College Crest. Any backpack which is lost, damaged or disfigured must be repaired or replaced. School bags must not be carried to Class. A lightweight Domremy Tote Bag is available to be used on school excursions, to bring PE clothing to school or to carry books between classes. Students are only permitted to carry bags that have the College Crest. All bags are available form they Uniform Shop.



The College Cap is a compulsory item. Girls participating in Physical Education classes, ASP or any outdoor excursion, must be wearing a Domremy cap. Students who wish to sit in the sun at school must be wearing a college cap also.

College scarf, hat and beret are available from the uniform shop.

Gloves are also optional items and must be navy in colour.



Jewellery is limited to: a watch, one simple signet ring (not to be worn in the science labs, TAS Workshop or during sport), and a necklace worn so that is cannot be seen under the uniform and one small pair of earrings - one in each of the lower lobes of the ears.

If any jewellery is worn it must be simple and plain. Costume jewellery is not permitted.

No facial or body piercing is permitted. Plastic studs for devices used to cover piercings such as Band-Aids are not permitted.

Confiscated Jewellery can be collected at the end of each Term.



Hair must always be neat and tidy.

Girls with shoulder length hair must have it tied back with a navy, white or maroon ribbon.

Hair Clips should be neutral in colour and be functional rather than decorative.

Extreme hairstyles, cuts, or colours, including obvious streaking are not permitted.

Extension and braiding are not permitted.

Coloured nail polish and nail extensions are not permitted. Make-up is not to be worn.

Chewing gum is strictly prohibited while in school uniforms. 

No visible tattoos are allowed  


If a student is not in full correct uniform, a note must be provided to the Guidance Coordinator or Assistant Principal who will record this in the uniform pass page of the planner. if a student is out of uniform, they will in the first instance be asked to correct the uniform.

If a student continues to be out of uniform, parents will be contacted and asked to take their daughter home until it can be corrected.



The purchase of a College Tracksuit is compulsory. the sports uniform in winter consists of the complete College Tracksuit with the College polo shirt underneath. 


The sports uniform in summer consists of the Navy polo shirt and the Navy Shorts. The shorts must be mid-thigh in length. Short shorts or leggings and not permitted.


White socks and joggers must be worn with the Sports Uniform as well as the College Cap. The shoes must be appropriate shoes for sport and must have adequate support. casual dress shows (i.e., Rabans, canvas shoes, converse, and volleys) are not deemed appropriate and do not meet chiropractor / physiotherapist guidelines.


The Sports Uniform is to be worn to school on Thursdays only and is to be brought to school to change into when a student has PE classes or on other occasions as designated by the College.


When the student wears the Sports Uniform for her PE classes, she must wear her school uniform to and from school and change into her sports uniform in the change rooms.


If a student does not bring her sports uniform to PE class without an appropriate note from a parent / guardian, a warning will be written in the planner. If this occurs three times, a letter will be sent home including a Detention Notice. The letter and Detention notice will need to be signed by the parent / guardian and returned to the student's PE teacher. The letter will be filed in Student Records in order to keep a profile off the student’s application to her PDHPE course. Further breaches of this rule will result in serious consequences, as the student is not able to diligently fulfil the learning outcomes of the mandatory Years 7 to 10 PDHPE course.,