Uniform Shop Information

The Domremy College Uniform Shop is located on Campus and is solely operated by Taleb Australia

The shop is open:

  • each Tuesday and Friday morning from 8:00am to 9:30am, during school term only
  • by appointment. Please make an appointment with Taleb directly via the booking tab, or the Contact tab.

** Online Ordering is available on this website

** Any enquires about fittings and / or purchase of uniforms or accessories such as bag, are to be made to Taleb Australia directly by emailing or using the Contact tab on this website.

Please create and account as soon as possible which will be used in store and online. You can do this by clicking the Create an Account link. If you do not, you will be prompted to create an account on your first attempt to shop online.

All matters relating to the fitting and or purchase of uniforms or accessories is managed solely by Taleb Australia. The college does not manage any fittings, enquiries or sales.


TRACK - $20 OFF if you purchase a Sport Track Jacket AND Sport Track Pants in one transaction. YOU MUST PURCHASE A SET. Mixed sizing allowed

SOCK - $5 OFF if you purchase 3 ankle socks in one transaction. Mixed sizing allowed

BLOUSE - $8 OFF if you purchase any 3 Senior Blouses. Long and Short Sleeve

*** Discounts are automatically applied online ***


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